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Johnston still looking for dividend answers

By Mike Williscraft NewsNow While Grimsby Ald. Joanne Johnston is still “uncomfortable” with the Town’s decision not to collect a 2010 dividend from its hydro operation, other members of council say it was never owed. The dividend in question is valued at $122,000. As far back as Fall 2015, Ald. Carolyn Mullins, chair of the […]

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Biodigester fumes have neighbours running for their homes and a/c

In the words of classic rockers Lynyrd Skynyrd, “Ooh, that smell! Can you smell that smell?” Depending on wind direction and time of day, Tony Ferrara says his family cannot remain outdoors – whether it be to work in their yard or spend time around the pool at their Thirty Road home – due to […]

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$10 million and counting for biodigester

By Mike Williscraft NewsNow The rewriting of the still-brief history of Grimsby’s biodigester rolled through another chapter at Monday’s night’s council meeting with a new cost projection of $10-million-plus being rolled out for the first time. ********** For full article, click on the following to go to our online newspaper version:

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Mike’s “Christmas” rant — ‘Twas the night before something strange

The tradition continues… (With apologies to Clement C. Moore) ‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through town, Not a taxpayer was stirring, they all sported frowns. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that St. Nicholas soon could be snared. The children were nestled all snug in their beds, While […]

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Grimsby does a hydro share shuffle

Grimsby’s biodigester on Sobie Road

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Proposed hydro re-alignment gives taxpayer short end of stick: reader

Dear Editor, On Monday, during the dog days of summer, Grimsby’s finance committee quietly convened to take care of some issues that have been plaguing the Town. First order of business is to further stack the deck of having more councillors on the six hydro boards. This is the same council that allows a direct […]

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Mike’s rant: New info, new review makes sense

The danger about blathering on about Grimsby biodigester project is the whole thing will simply become background noise and nobody will care or pay attention. There is fine line between providing important, new researched materials and sounding like a broken record repeating the same data and anecdotes every week. It was great to see some sign of movement by Grimsby on its transportation issue (see front page of newsnow online […]

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Mike’s Rant — Door of communication just closed

I suck at drawing. And it’s too bad. If there are any aspiring editorial cartoonists out there, call me…seriously. So picture this: a black and white cartoon parked where the smiling Leafs tickets winner is. Picture the Whack-A-Mole game you’ve seen at midway arcades. Popping their respective noggins out of each hole on the board […]

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Grimsby Energy questions answered, sort of…

(Editor’s Note: The following is a review of answer provided by James Detenbeck in an interview Friday, Nov. 6. The questions were drafted based on input gathered from a variety of Grimsby residents and aldermen on Grimsby Town Council. Not all questions were answered.) ‎ Grimsby Energy Biodigester Q&A James Detenbeck – Nov. 6/15 James, […]

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Biodigester a risk, but one worth taking, Mullins says

By Mike Williscraft NewsNow Setting ongoing concerns regarding Grimsby’s $4.5 million biodigester aside, Rob Hattin wants to know why council and hydro officials did not heed the Town’s legal counsel’s opinion. Hattin, a former chair of Grimsby Energy, says serious concerns are evident in every facet of planning for the Sobie Road facility and insufficient […]

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